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February 15, 2016

WOD 02/16/16

Skill work: L sit holds, 3 x 30 sec on: 30 sec off WOD: AMRAP in 25 minutes of:400 m run20 Russian twists (total, 25/15)30 Air squats Post WOD mobility: Upward dog, 1 minute; Couch stretch, 2 minutes each leg; Downward dog, 3 minutes 11:00 am Strength class:  Lift:...

Logan C.

I remember when I first stepped in the adult class and was very nervous that I would not feel a part of, not feel welcomed, or maybe I would not be accepted for who I am. That was not the case at all and was extremely encouraged and welcomed for who I was. I love that the coaches...

Felisha H.

Animas CrossFit is not just a gym to work out or get healthy. It is an awesome place that I go to be inspired and encouraged by the coaches, as well as by the other members. I love that the most fit person is always helpful to someone who has just started, without any judgements....

Casey M.

I have been attending Animas Crossfit (ACF) for about a year and a half. Prior to ACF, I had been involved in athletics and weightlifting for the majority of my life. I was, as are most people, skeptical and probably a little scared to give it a shot. The day I started, I was...

Dylan G.

I would not hesitate to give Animas CrossFit 5 out of 5 stars! Animas CrossFit is more than a place to workout. Working alongside a group to complete a workout, under the supervision of trained and certified coaches, it is a place that I have found support, encouragement, and...

Beci G.

Very few places can actually change (and I mean change) your life like Animas CrossFit. There is something magical about that place; the workout is only the beginning, being able to successfully do a pull up for the 1st time and having the entire gym cheer for you. When you are...