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WOD 11/16/17

Do you want to get started for FREE? Save yourself $80 and beat the New Year’s rush! We are offering one more Free All-in-One Essentials class on Saturday 12/02/17 at 8 am. This class is required for all new members without previous CrossFit experience. Message us now to...

Naughty OR Nice 2017 Charity Event

Saturday, December 16th at 9 am.  Entrance fee is an unwrapped gift for a local child in need. Register for the event here: https://naughtyornice.events/ Naughty Or Nice 2017 Workout Variations NAUGHTY (Rx’d division) 12 min. Ascending Ladder… Hang Power Clean...

Upcoming ACF Events, Dec. 2017

Saturday, December 9th, 2017: ACF Christmas Social, 6:30 pm.  Just a fun night of potluck, games, and friends with a little but of “fanciness.”  Wear your dress up clothes, bring a dish to share, and come have fun.  If your interested in volunteering to decorate or...

Free All-In-One Essentials Course

Saturday Dec. 2nd, 8 – 11 am: Free All-in-One Essentials!  This course is normally 2 sessions and a cost of $80.  Beat the New Year’s rush and start now, save time and save money!  Our Essentials course is required for all new members without any previous CrossFit...

WOD 11/15/17

WOD: 8 rounds with a partner for time of: 10 Medball Cleans (20/14) 15 Medball Sit-ups (20/14) Calorie Row *One partner rows while the other does the work then switch   Post WOD Mobility: Partner or roller adductor smash, 4 min each, the, frog stretch and wall adductor...

WOD 11/14/17

Active recovery day: *Not for time, for movement quality, pose running only, breathe through nose: 400m jog 30 pull ups 400m jog 30 push ups 400m jog 30 air squats 400m jog 30 strict toes to bar Mobility: Barbell Achilles/Ball calf smash, then, gastroc. stretch, 1 minute each and...

WOD 11/12/17

Thank you to all who serve and have served, we are grateful beyond measure. We’d like to remind all veterans of our everyday 20% discount (for all military, veteran, fire, and police) on all unlimited monthly memberships and punch cards. And if you are a newly joining...

WOD 11/10/17

WOD: 5 rounds (not for time) Farmers carry around the rig unbroken(score heaviest load) 400m sprint(score fastest time) Strength: MEU

WOD: 11/09/17

WOD: Achieve 30 quality muscle ups (not for time) Strength: DYL

WOD 11/8/17

Who’s ready to try their fitness out on some swing dancing? Sounds like fun! WOD:  AMRAP 20 minutes 50 double unders 25 mountain climbers 12 hang power clean(115/95) 7:00pm Strength Class