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It’s Paleo Challenge Time again!

February 04, 2014

Ok ACF CrossFitters, here are the long-awaited details:
Our next Challenge will begin on February 16th and run through April 12th, a total of 8 weeks.

We will discuss the Paleo Diet and the Challenge itself in classes, but it is also a great idea to start doing some learning on your own if this is all still new to you.   Some of our favorite online sources are:

This challenge will differ a bit from the last couple we have done, just to keep things interesting.  Some of you will be familiar with this scoring system, some of you won’t.  This challenge will however, still require you to perform a pre and post-Challenge WOD, have your body composition calculations completed by a coach, track all food intake and WODs, and get before and after pictures taken. We also encourage you to get blood work before and after, as cholesterol levels and triglycerides can change dramatically in just a short amount of time with the right diet and exercise.

Our pre-Challenge info session will be held on Friday, February 14th at 6:30 pm and will cover “Paleo in a nutshell” and the Challenge rules and requirements.  The info session will be free to all members and public, just bring a Paleo dish to share, so we can all start getting some new ideas.  This will be a night full of info and a fun social night too!

Pre-challenge assessments can be scheduled on Friday 2/14/14, Saturday, 2/15/14, or Sunday 2/16/14.  The assessment sign up sheet is available at the gym.

Why should I try a Paleo Diet?
Reason Number 1: You will be healthier for it.  We know numerous individuals who have been able to ditch medications, improve blood work, and alleviate chronic complaints by simply changing to a cleaner diet.
Reason Number 2: Your performance will improve in the gym, whether you are a CrossFitter or engage in other types of fitness.  Many of us have experienced this first-hand; and, if you are participating in the CrossFit Games Open, there is no better time than now to get your diet back on track.
Reason Number 3: You just lapsed on your New Year’s resolution.  The Paleo diet is really a lifestyle change, not a restrictive diet than leaves you feeling unfulfilled.  This new way of eating is something you can, and will want to, stick with for life, once you begin reaping the benefits.  This is not a temporary “diet”, it’s the beginning of permanent change.
Reason Number 4: You will see results.  Whether your goals include fat loss, performance records, or improved health and fitness, we always see results when individuals comply with the new rules.
Reason Number 5: You can’t say it didn’t work until you tried it for at least 30 days.  Remember, that’s the only way to really know how you feel about “Paleo”, you might just be surprised.

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