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November 27, 2015
Beginning 12/01/15 we will be tracking members’ attendance and all members with at least 16 days of attendance in December will be entered into a drawing.  Winner receives the title “Member of the Month” and a prize that’ll make your workouts that much better! 
 Get your WODs in!!  Consistency is key!

Saturday 12/5/15: Free Essentials 1 and 2, from 8 to 11 am.  This Essentials clinic saves you a whole day of training and $80.00!  Sign up on our website now or call us for more info at (505) 801-9603.   This is a prefect opportunity for new members and returning members to start up at a significant discount.   *This clinic is free with the purchase of a gym membership or punch card.

Saturday 12/5/15:  “How to get the most out of your training: Maximize the benefit of ACF’s programming and your time.”    Time: 12:00 – 2 ish, depending   Cost: $20.00
This clinic will teach you:
-Programming basics of CrossFit
-How to set goals for the New Year
-How to effectively work your Conjugate strength training in (or not) with the time you have
-How to train with maximal safety (metbolically and structurally)
-What it takes to meet your goals
-Questions are welcomed and encouraged, bring them with you!
-How to advance to become a firebreather and advance to competition, if desired.

Saturday 12/12/15: Our Team Fundraiser Event, benefiting Shadd Rohwer is Saturday, 12/12/15.  This event will be open to CrossFitters and non-CrossFitters, and all events begin at 10 am, Ages 12 and up are encouraged to participate.  2 person Men’s or Women’s Teams, $50 per team.  Registration is open now at the gym or by email @ stephaniepickren@animascrossfit.com.

New Year’s 2016 Paleo Challenge:  The Challenge itself will begin on Sunday, January 3rd and will last 6 weeks, ending on Saturday, February 13th, at midnight.  Entry feee is $50 and you will have the opportunity to win back all or part of your entry fee.  This Challenge will be a Whole30 type challenge with a 2 week ramp in period. Dates you need to know:
Wednesday 12/30/15
*The Challenge WOD will be programmed, if not completed this day in regular class, the WOD will need to be completed at Open Gym Saturday or Sunday morning.
*Pre-challenge meeting is at 6:00 pm.  Try to make it to this meeting if you are planning on participating (even  if you have participated in previous Challenges) or just curious about what the heck we are doing.
Saturday 01/02/16 and Sunday 01/03/16 Pre-challenge physical assessments are completed, be sure to sign up for a 10 minute time slot, which will be posted at the gym when the time draws closer.  All assesments must be competed on one of these days.

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