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WOD 01/28/15

January 27, 2015

Floor Press: Heavy single

WOD: For time:
12-9-6 of:
Shoulder to Overhead (135/95 lbs)
Dead hang pull ups

Post WOD mobility: Lat. dorsi smash and rig sidebending lat. stretch

11:00 Strength Class   Max Effort Upper
Lift: Push press, heavy single
Accessory work: 3 x 4-6 Shoulder press, 3 x 10-15 Standing overhead banded triceps ext,
3 x 10-20 Cannonball curls, 3 x 12-15 Weighted pull ups, 3 x 30 V-ups
Mobility: Scapular smash, banded flexion stretch, box prayer stretch, and
    post. shoulder capsule stretch

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