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WOD 01/31/15

January 30, 2015

Open Gym: 10 am – Noon:  Open to all members who have already completed our Essentials or
                                           OnRamp Course.

Free Trial Class: 11 – 11:45 am:  Free class; open to the public to try out CrossFit for the first time.

Optional Strength WOD: DYNAMIC UPPER
Warm up: Athlete’s Choice
Lift: Bench press 55% Bar, 25% Chain: 9 x 3 *vary grip from narrow, medium, to wide every set
Accessory work: 3 x 12-15 DB bench press, 3 x 20-25 overhead banded triceps ext, 3 x 20 bar curls, 3 x 15 KB press, 3 x 20 bench crunches
 Mobility: Pec smash, 2 min. minimum foam roller bank robber stretch, and doorway stretch

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