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WOD 03/05/11

March 04, 2012

Skill work:  Modified handstand push ups (stink bugs) Achieve 10 perfect stink bugs.

As many rounds as possible in 16 min of:
100 meter sprint
2 Handstand push ups
*with each round, add two handstand push ups.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    ok that was hard, i came i saw and i got beat. thanks for the fun day my arms are sore, due to the fact that i have been gone for over a month. Again thanks its nice to see new faces and recieve a hard time from the others. i was able to complete 6 round with out help from a box on the handstand pushups, then i did two more with modified pushup; so a grand total of 8 (modified).

    See everyone again in a few days back to the fire house and hope to see everyone again on Thursday or Friday.


  2. Nate Reply

    Nice to see you back, Clay. When I started a couple months ago, you were one of many at ACF who motivated and encouraged me. Welcome back and kick ass job today!

  3. Stephanie H. Reply

    Good to see you back Clay!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    thanks for the words of encourgement


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