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WOD 03/25/13

March 24, 2013

Skill work:  Modified rope climb pull ups, practice and application

WOD: 7 rounds for time of:
7 jumping air squats
7 knees to elbows

We all know CrossFit is ‚Äúconstantly varied, high intensity, functional movement,” but have you really thought about what those words mean and how they apply to you?  For now, let’s focus on the constantly varied and functional components.  Remember, functional basically means “real life,” so, your workouts should mimic real life whenever possible, in movement, physical circumstance, and environment.  This, then, bring us to the constantly varied stuff.  Real life is always changing and different, right?  So, if we become truly functional we also become varied in our training, which requires varied movements, circumstances and environment as well.  In order to continue striving for function and varied workouts we need to work out in good or bad weather, in all types of attire, whether we have slept or not, eaten optimally today, or have had a week of dietary cheat days.  THIS is constantly varied function, not just the type of workout your doing.  

So for today (Monday), let’s strive to be truly functional and varied.  Go ahead and wear your work attire for your WOD and see how it goes.  If you don’t want to get your work clothes sweaty, I get it, just bring a change of clothes, but keep them representative of your “function”.   This becomes, in our opinion, a requirement when you are in the military, are a cop, a firefighter, or an EMS worker.  Bring in whatever gear you would work in.  You should be able to function at your best in ALL your gear, in ALL circumstances.

Make sense?  After all, if a dog chases you or you’re mugged, you need to be at your physical best and your attacker doesn’t care what you’re wearing, right?  Remember, CrossFit prepares you for the unknown and the unknowable; it prepares you for life.

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