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WOD 04/21/16

April 20, 2016

Skill work: Static ring holds, 20 sec. on: 20 sec. off x 5, then, practice of proper shoulder position in a ring dip,
achieve 10-20 strict ring dips with proper form
WOD: For time:
1000 m row
30 push ups
60 toes to bar
90 walking lunges
120 double unders
Post WOD mobility: Forearm/wrist flexor smash and biceps smash on a racked barbell, then, wrist flexor stretch on hands and knees, 2 minutes; biceps stretch, 1-2 minutes each


11:00 am Strength class:

Lift: Box squats: 12 x 2, 55% bar, 25% band


6:30 pm Mobility Class: Thoracic spine and shoulders


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