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WOD 05/28/12

May 27, 2012

The gym is closed for Memorial Day weekend, Sat., Sun., and Monday.  We will however, be posting workouts that can easily be done at home, at a hotel, or at a campground.  Have a fun and safe weekend!

Home WOD: 4 rounds for time of:
                12 Good mornings *
                12 Forward lunges (alternating; total)
                12 Jumping jacks
                12 Lateral lunges 
                12 Sit ups
                12 Backward lunges
*Use a broom stick, dowel, or just place your hands on your hips for the good mornings.
Good mornings: Knees stay slightly bent, lower back remains completely straight, do not round the back. You will only bend as far forward as your hamstrings will let you, so depth will be different for everyone.  Keep eyes and chest up.
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