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WOD 10/03/17

October 02, 2017
Are you looking for a way to test your fitness? Do you want to see what all those deadlifts and burpees are doing for your performance? Have you always wanted to wear a kilt, but never had just the right occasion? Or would you just like a really good excuse to hang out with some really good people and have a good time? Whatever the reason this is a good place to be. The people at the Aztec Highland games are having their festival next weekend and it’s a great opportunity to have some fun and test your fitness, let’s see if we can get a group together, talk to Jake, he has some information if your interested.
WOD: ​3 ​​rounds​ for​ ​time ​​of:​ ​​​
15-foot ​rope ​climb,​ ​​5​ ascents​
25​ ring​​ ​dips
100 ​squats​
Post​ ​WOD ​mobility:​ ​ ​Pigeon,​ 2​ ​minutes​ ​each​ ​side;​ ​rig​ ​lat.​ ​stretch,​ ​1 ​minute​ ​each; couch​ stretch,​ ​2 ​minutes​​ ​each​ ​side
Strength: DYU
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