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WOD 10/09/17

October 09, 2017
* Announcements *
1. Please welcome our newest members Brandon and Amy, be sure to introduce yourselves.
2. Welcome back Bobby and Katie!
3. Next Sunday, Oct. 14, we are going to get out of the gym for the 9:00 wod. We will post details later, just know that it will be open to everyone, member or not. So bring the kids, bring your friends, and let’s all go have some fun!
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​Push ​​press ​5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1​ ​reps ​
​​Then run​ 1​ mile​ for​ time​ ​​ ​​
Post​ ​WOD​ ​mobility:​ ​Pigeon,​ ​2​ ​minutes​ ​each;​ ​rig ​Achilles/plantar​ ​foot ​stretch,​ 2 minutes​ ​each;​ ​Box​ ​prayer​ ​stretch ​​with​ bands​ ​and​ ​dowels, ​2​ minutes
Strength: MEL
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