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WOD 10/25/17

October 24, 2017
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WOD: ​Complete​ ​as ​many​ rounds ​as​ possible​ ​in​ ​20​ ​minutes​ ​of:
10 ​strict​ knees-to-elbows​
20 ​one-legged​ ​squats,​ alternating​
30-foot​ ​handstand​ ​walk
Post ​​WOD ​Mobility:​ ​Lacrosse ​ball​ ​smash ​​to​ ​lats​ ​and ​​scapular​ musculature,​​ 3-4​ minutes​ ​each​ ​side;​ ​lat.​ ​rig ​stretch, ​1​ minute​ each;​ chicken​​ wing​​ ​dowel​ stretch,​ 1​ minute​ each; seated​ glute.​ Cross-legged​ stretch,​ 2 minutes​ each​
7:00pm Strength
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