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WOD 10/27/17

October 26, 2017
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WOD: ​Complete as​ many​ ​rounds​ ​as ​possible​ ​in​ 20​ ​minutes​ of:​
10 ​strict​ handstand​ push-ups​
20​ strict​​ ​pull-ups
30​ jumping​ ​alternating ​lunges​
Post​ ​WOD​ ​mobility:​​ Barbell​ biceps​ smash,​ 2​ ​minutes​ each;​ biceps​ ​stretch,​ 1​ minute​ each; Rig​ gastroc​​stretch,​ ​1​ minute​ ​each; Soleus​ stretch,​ 1​ minute​ ​each
Strength: MEU
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