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WOD 10/31/17

October 30, 2017
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Wear​ your​ costumes!!!!​ The​ ​best​ costume​ in​ each​ ​class​ ​wins​ ​a FitAid​ ​or ​a Kill​ Cliff!! ​​ 
​Halloween ​Team​ ​WOD:​ ​“World ​War​ Z”​
Create ​teams​ of​ ​4. ​Half​ of​ the​ ​team​ ​does​ ​the​ Zombie​ WOD,​ the​ ​other​ ​half ​ does ​the​​Defender​ ​WOD, then​ ​they​ ​switch. ​​At ​the​ conclusion,​ all​ ​4​ ​team ​members​ should ​​have​ ​done​ both​ WODs. ​Both​ ​WOD are ​done​for​ ​time,​ ​and​ ​then​ ​added​ ​together. ​Shortest​  ​time​ ​wins.​ ​All​ ​exercises​ ​in ​​both​ WODs​ ​are done ​with ​​one​ ​partner ​working​ ​as​ ​long​ ​as​ they​​ ​can,​ ​while​ ​the​ ​other​ rests,​ in​ succession,​ ​until ​they​ get ​each​ task accomplished.
“Walk​​ ​Like ​the​​Dead”:​ ​30​ ​wall ​walks​​
​“Grave​ ​Busters”​ :​ ​60 ​burpees​
“Brain​ Toss”​​:​ 60​ Wall​ Ball​
​“Blood ​on ​the​ ​Bar”​ ​:​ ​60 ​Pull​ ups​
“Haul ​​Off ​the​ Dead”​:​ 200​ M​ ​Partner ​Carry ​
“Suppressing​ ​Fire”​ ​:​ ​200​ Double​ Unders
“Jump​ ​High​ ​or ​Die”​:​ ​100 ​Box​ ​Jumps​ ​
​“Skull​ Crushers”​​:​ ​30​ ​Tire​ ​Flips​ ​OR​ ​60 ​Deadlifts​
Post WOD Mobility: Supine​ ​glut.​ (cross-legged)​ ​stretch, ​​2 ​​minutes​ ​each;​ Pec​ stretch,​ ​2​ ​minutes ​​each
Strength: DYU
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