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WOD 11/16/11

November 15, 2011

Skill work: forward rolls

WOD: 10 rounds for time of:
             2 forward rolls
             6 pull ups
             20 low lateral jumps

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Jesse – I'm trying to do ACF workouts while im away from the gym. What is a forward roll and low lateral jumps?



  2. Cody Firestone Reply

    Just a suggestion Dave, Google it! there are you tube videos of both! also you can find some stuff on the crossfit mane page under exercises and demos! thats where i would start:)

  3. Jesse P. Hickey Reply

    Forward rolls

    Lateral jumps is jumping Laterally (Side to side)
    over a PVC pipe. Over and back is 1 rep.

  4. Jesse P. Hickey Reply

    I concur with Cody, sometimes Googling it yields faster results too.

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