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WOD 12/01/11

November 30, 2011

MWOD: Pec and tricep mobility work according Kstar.  Check out this video before the WOD today.

WOD: 30-20-10 of:
    parallette pass-thrus (front/back = 1)

Clay shows us a stable, vertical Kettelebell swing, shoulders open at the top with a neutral head position. 
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  1. Chico Reply

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  2. Chico Reply

    I too, was just there to cheer on Clay. Go Clay! I'll just stand here and be support for the rings and everyone else!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Chico, stop busting my balls you kicked ass yesterday. And the day before and the before that. Mister I can do 96 double unders in one minute


  4. Anonymous Reply

    Three cups of coffee and four glass of water roughly 32oz of water and 16 oz of coffee

  5. Anonymous Reply


  6. Jesse P. Hickey Reply

    Yea, What is that about?

  7. Anonymous Reply

    did u watch the video it was part of your homework, hydration and flexibility work on the shoulders.


  8. Anonymous Reply

    Sorry I'm party rockin. Lol.

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