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WOD 12/26/11

December 25, 2011

Remember: 6:30 am class is cancelled Monday 12/26/11.

Skill work: As many ring dips as possible in one attempt, without dropping off the rings.  Repeat at 2 minute intervals to achieve 4 attempts. If you are unable to complete ring dips without the use of a band, you will achieve your max duration in an active hold in the rings(top of your dip). 

WOD: 5 rounds, at 3 minute start intervals of:

12 KB swings 53/35 #
12 goblet squats 53/35 #
12 push ups
12 jumping lunges, total

Your coach will record your time at the end of each round and add the times up at the end of the WOD to get your total, accumulated time.

This WOD is suppossed to be comprised of 5 all out sprints.  On each one, you are suppossed to completely empty the tank.  Don’t hold anything back from even the very first round.  We do expect you to have some drop off in speed from round to round, but not in effort.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    My favorite present this year is my new Animas Crossfit log book… Also Thanks to Jesse and Steph and everyone else at ACF that has made a differance in mine and well my whole families life this past year. We are all truly blessed to have ACF and the frienships we have made through Crossfit. Marry Christmas…BRad

  2. Jesse P. Hickey Reply

    Love ya BRad! We are thnakful to have you in our lives too!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    i'm in need of an intervention Christmas goodies have a hold of me. i set down today and reflected on the poor choose over the holiday. So here is a tid bit of the horror i cause myself this weekend. Paleo friends turn away now. i consumed over 3 dozen chocolate cookies w/ whole milk, a bag of nacho chesse doritos a few 44 oz cokes from sonic… the list is out of control, i'm begging you for help please send me to a self control class soon. i don't think my body can take much more. Happly holiday's everyone i will see you in the gym very soon.


    Monday at 1200 see you there

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I meet Tuesday I'm still at work today

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